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I'm a father, photographer, IT-Supporter, Trainer and a Harzer in Hamburg.

Photographically, I'm into landscape, street and macro mostly. I've used a lot of DSLRs and Bridges before going mirrorless for the last three years with Samsung CSCs. Now, the time has come for me to get back to DSLR. For the time being, my camera of choice is a classic Canon EOS 5D, full frame DSLR. This time passed by, a year later and now, I'm rocking a Nikon D750.

As my wife and I are totally into Ireland as a vacation destination, there is a big gallery part only devoted to this beautiful country.

The creation of the website is mostly thanks to the blog. I needed a place to give forth my tips, tricks and education and needed a place to shout out to fellow Samsung NX shooters.

In my private life everything is about my two Kids!