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I’ve gathered a lot of websites over the years where I get Ideas, Knowledge and entertainment through and here I will Post some of them for you to enjoy.


This is the best shop for photographers in Hamburg. Friendly and very fond advice.

Steve is a very passionate Photographer from the states who has quiet frankly started the category of real world reviews in the online photo community. His site showcases many great cameras and very well written reviews lets some interesting photographers of around the world get their word out through his daily inspiration feature. Gave me a lot of inspiration and entertainment over the years.

One of the finest news and rumors sites on digital mirrorless cameras on the web.

It's like mirrorless rumours but with all the other rumors on photogear as well

One of the most sophisticated review sites and always worth a look. They also do some nice Interviews from time to time and have launched some guides recently.

The best community for manual lenses and adaption of old gems to modern cameras.

TheCameraStore & DigitalRev
Check out these two awesome youtube channels. If you are interested in great entertainment and photography equipment reviews, those two are the way to go!

Matt Granger
He is an Australian photographer who does very nice training and review videos and has a tendency to make my mouth watering in water with high New York Series of videos and his new channel on seafood. Very Nice!

Apple | Tech

9to5 has news and rumors around the Mac, Apple and his iOS devices.

One of the oldest Apple News sites and one that is very well updated every day.

Do I really have to say anything. Great articles and layout.

Very good reviews and articles around anything tech, photo, lifestyle and more.

Source for IT professionals and less consumer grade news and views on mobile computing, security, and much more!

Nicely done news site for Apple, Android and much more

Everything Android!

THE benchmark site in the mac universe. They benchmark macs not only on numeric benchmarks but also real life and gaming examples!