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father, photographer, IT-supporter

I'm a Hamburger, born in the Harz, a father by love and a photographer by passion.
The IT-support on and around the mac pays the bills but stays a hobby nonetheless.

One Month, One Lens

One focal length sits on my camera for a month at a time and only that one focal length. This series was born through an article written on about the benefits of using a single focal length for a year to progress in ones photography.


Hopefully helpfull bits of information around little problems with the macs of today. Getting your old Airport to work or using a  DVD drive with full support on a mac with an exchanged internal one.

Real World Reviews

I have the benefit of being friend with an awesome photography shop due to my work as an it-supporter and have thus used a lot of cameras and here you will find my experiences with them.

In my Head

A colleague ones said to me: "you talk about so many things. Why don't you write a blog."

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