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Real World Reviews

Galaxy NX

As you know, I'm shooting with an NX20 coming from the NX11. Now, my NX20 had some errors and needed to be serviced. For the time that my NX20 is gone, I was given a Galaxy NX by the coolest store in Hamburg, the Photohaus...

Sony A850, No Fuzz Photography

Fuji became successfull again with cameras looking like classic range finders, Nikon tries to be cool again with the Digital Frustration and now, Leica takes away the rear screen on their newest M. The trend to classic photographic tools is omnipresent right now...

OM-D EM1 Experience

As my newest Samsung camera, the NX300M, had to undergo a service journey right away, I loaned an Olympus OM-D EM1 for the weekend.

Tamron Adaptall-2 28mm

When talking about a small kit today, everybody thinks mirrorless camera. The truth is that this is only valid as long as the lenses are small, which isn't always the case, especially when talking full frame.

Leica T Typ701

As soon as I saw that Leica was giving Leica T cameras to interested photographers to try out, I mailed the photohaus to get one.

Sony NEX-5 in 2018

After my father past away this February, I have taken his NEX-5 not to be forgotten in a closet. As an option to my Nikon D750, it brings me back to the joy of mirrorless that I always loved about my Samsung cameras.

Samsung NX 1 - first impressions

When I first laid hands on the NX1 ,it felt like "This is much more Nikon D200 than Samsung NX30/20". This first impression in the hand is further enhanced by the 16-50 S Zoom lens, which weights more than the camera body.

Samsung NX 1
- After the Buzz review

The NX1 is the Samsung camera that generated the most buzz since the release of the original NX10, which was the first APS-C mirrorless on the market. It came about 5 months earlier than Sony’s first mirrorless. Since then, Samsung never generated the attention that their lineup should have been given.