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stirring in my head

Podcasters don't get enough love

I listen to podcasts a lot via pocketcasts and before that via iTunes. I''ve always noted that browsing through them was different but couldn't really make out why.

Luminar 3 too little, too late... again

Skylum, formerly known as Macphun, promised a DAM for Luminar 1 after its release. Than they promised that it will come with Luminar 2 but first you had to buy Luminar again...


So, everybody is always making fun of the following sentence: „Hey, this is a huge and expensive camera! You must be a really awesome photographer!“

Do it like Fuji!

I shoot Nikon and love my D750. A good friend of mine shoots the original X100 and tells me every time we meet, how impressed he still is and how Fuji keeps killing it caveats with every Firmware update a little more.

Copying one person is called stealing,...

Recently, I've become bored with the notoriously "must be funny" videos of DigitalRev.